VTuber, Twitch Streamer, and EDM Artist!

My Twitch Stream is embedded below. If you'd like to see my music, browse my social media feed, contact me, or donate to support me, please click the navigation links above!♥

Official Spotify Playlist

Preview my music on Spotify here or click the links above to buy them on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play/Youtube, or Amazon Music! A Soundcloud playlist is also below with any music I've released, but haven't had distributed to major platforms yet.

Soundcloud Playlist (Includes my released music that hasn't been distributed to major platforms)

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VRChat Content

I recently made my first VRChat world! Feel free to visit! It's a barebones office with a lounge area, a video player, and a mirror.

Want somewhere to relax for a bit without ruining your framerate? Check out Purple Cat Paradise by clicking here!♥ It has chairs, a mirror, pretty particles, and a beach to relax at.

Want to enjoy yourself at a holographic nightclub? Check out the Chitty-Chat Kitty Cat Nightclub by clicking here♥!It includes:
- A watch party area.
- A dance floor.
- A bar with a PoS machine that dispenses alcohol (if you want to RP being a bartender).
- Private Rooms
- Beer Pong, Pool, and Spin the Bottle!

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, please do so below!♥
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Meet Aelianas Vagrantia!♥

You can see some of my favorite selfies here!

♥Art by Aelianas♥

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If you'd like to order prints, some of these are available on my merch store! Click here to visit it!